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The RPG Group...


What is the RPG group all about?

    The RPG group is a group of people that want to help with the RPG. Each member should obtain RPGMaker2000 from the links section and have the patience to start a new RPG. The RPG we will be working on will start as soon as we get our first member, and other members will join in to help with the creation. At the end each member will have their name in the RPG and will have contributed a major part in a professional grade RPG. This, however, I must warn is not for the weak-at-heart, the RPG will take some time and patience to make, as said, and will require the diligence of the RPG members. As more members join, the RPG will expand and grow. Progress will be posted on this site, and everything else will be posted as well. I must warn, the RPGMaker2000 and all of its components is a 10meg download. But it is worth it. 

How will the RPG group work?

    The RPG group's job will be to work on separate maps and towns in the RPG which they will later send to the site under the contact section. Then, I will update the site with the current  situation in the RPG world and things will go on, with members making towns and dungeons and the like and then sending them to the site. I will be in charge of putting it all together and making the RPG work smoothly. Keep in mind that to make a good RPG we will need to have a good storyline and plot. Each member will be responsible for ADDING to the RPG plot with the creation of their own maps and the like. I will update the story section after each completed map is processed. 

Notice: This is going to be tough to get everything working smoothly (RPG making process), but we will try anyways. Thanks.

Where can I get the RPGMaker?

    The RPGMaker is downloadable from many sites and will be available as soon as I get the links section up. Other than that just search for RPGMaker 2000 and you will get a lot of sites with the free Maker for download. (10 meg download)

How do I start?

To start, all you need to do is email me with your nickname, and the part that you want to contribute to. For example: From Bill, I want to help with your RPG by making a town for the dunes. Then I will email you back and tell you that either we already have 5 people making a dune city or that you can go ahead and make the town. You can refer to the WORLD MAP for hints on what to make. Also, don't forget to look at the storyline of the RPG. 

The RPG Maker will need to be downloaded and installed, by double-clicking on the installer and picking the proper directory for the installation. After you have finished with the whole installation (RTP and the game), you will need to download and install any and all of the face sets, char sets, and other RTP stuff to your game. Don't worry the RTP stuff is really small and will take a few seconds to download.  A list should be available as soon as possible. The RPGMaker has a help file that will help you learn everything about the game creating process, plus we will include some tutorials for you to look at if you are unsure of how to make a good RPG.  Then everything will be on its way and in no time you can submit the map that you are working on. If you have any question look at the contact or help section when they become available.


I am still not sure...

    Ok listen to me, the thing is not hard to learn and it is lots of fun if you like making stuff. This will allow you to express yourself artistically, and it will help us a lot. Also, this will be a great opportunity for you to get your name on a piece of software that you will be happy and proud to call your own in a way. So just send me your nickname and email and tell me what you think you can do. 


Page last updated:  11/14/2001