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This section of the site was made so that people interested in RPG Maker and other interesting things related to RPG Maker will have a list of other good sites to get RPGMaker utilities and components from. The following is a list of sites and their descriptions, I have also included a rating system of 5 stars to represent the relevance and content of the sites.


The URL of the site:

A small description

RATING (1-5)

RPG Maker 2000, and RTP files, and some utilities.


RPG Maker 2000 and RTP download, and some games made with RPG Maker2000


This is a good site for promotion of RPG's, asking questions, and other resources, check it out.


RPG Guru area, a forum for all your questions about RPGMaker

**** RPGMaker downloads of Char Sets, Chip Sets, Images, Backgrounds, Music, and anything else you might need


Thousands of midis including midis for  RPGMaker and other RPGs.


If you have any other good sites to submit to this list, that are relevant to RPG's or RPGMaker please send me an email:

11/18/2001 - last updated.