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RPG maker, the heart and soul of RPG creation

What is RPG maker 2000?

RPG maker 2000 is the best RPG making program in the world, at least in my eyes. I have scoured the web for RPG makers long and hard and this is by far the best and most powerful tool, being at the same time easy to use and master. It combines a user friendly and convenient interface, with lots of powerful tools and options. You get to edit the graphics the Characters, by that I mean the Character's face, the experience gain, the abilities, the spells that the character has, progression through levels, and initial weapons. This is just the first section of the Database incorporated into RPGMaker 2000. There is also a very powerful and advanced items, monsters, monster party, Spells/Abilities, Battle animation, Character sets, and Chip sets, sub menus, that allow you to edit every part of YOUR RPG. Sounds great right...


Well, its like ten times better, and I learned to use every part of it in less than a week. To get this baby you need to Download this program from any of the links given to you when you join the comity. Notice that this program can be found online free of charge and is not mine or any other members' personal program, we are just going to use it as the best and most appropriate tool for the job ahead.

Here are a few pictures of the RPG maker in action, and a screen shot of an RPG.

RPG maker in action...


Now that you have a small grasp as to what the RPG Maker can do, if you are interested in joining the comity, and interested in contributing to the RPG in some way, please proceed to the information section.