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Screen Shots of a game and RPGMaker

The following are screenshots of the RPG Maker and some games made with RPG maker 2000.


This is what RPGMaker2000 will look like when you are designing and making the games. Notice the main map, the three layers of editing, the database button (in toolbar), the chipsets on the left (images) and more. The bottom left is the map list.

This is a game made with RPGMaker, showing a basic message window that pops up as you open the chest.

Another in-game shot of the main hero in the middle of a desert town.

This is the main title screen, and where you get to choose to either start a new game or load a saved game.

The death bringer boss challenges you and your two allies.

You are about to kick some slime.

This is the world map where you can travel from one dungeon to another. Notice that the main hero is semi-transparent.